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Freedom Song

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

(A song for Aaliyah)

I watched my momma cry

When she saw that I would die

Tryin' to be a gangsta thug

Live a life she nevva dug

Watched my momma hang her head

Cause she knew one day I would be dead

Lost forever in a grave

Cause I chose to be a slave

Of the one who put me in a chain

'stead of the One who frees from pain.

Then one day I saw the light

Walked up out of sins dark night

Chose to live a life that's free

Serving the Christ of Calvary.

So today I choose to sing

Praises to God, Christ the King

Tellin' people the reason why

One day I'm gonna live on High.

Say what?

Yeah, you heard me right Now I sing, yeah

Hey, I sing the songs of the redeemed!

(SCREECH--record scratching)


I sing because I'm happy

I sing because I'm free

His eye is on the sparrow

Letting me know He's got His eye on me.

Yeah, That's it! Yeah, that's right

Watching me live totally free

Watching me being totally me

Free from all my crazy past

Got a new name that's gonna last.

I sing it high, I sing it low

Telling it wherever I get to go.

Now when I see my momma cry

She's crying with her head up high

Crying tears of happiness

Cause I'm walking with the blessed

Singing every happy song

Singing them all day yeah all day long

Free yeah! Free, oh yeah, yeah, hey!

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