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Welcome to the Forum

The Forum is the place “by the fireplace” where we can sit and chat about the things we are concerned about.  We ask questions and seek prayerful answers to life’s issues presented on this site.  In this forum, we seek truth and are respectful of each other.  If you have something that is of a private nature or that is not covered in the site content that you wish to discuss, email me at and the discussion will remain private and confidential. 



What is your Crucible? 

Let's Talk 

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“The Crucibles” exists to help individuals realize everyone lives in heated vessels that change us.  We seek to guide the process from surviving to thriving in life’s crucibles—one person at a time.

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No one is alone in the Refiner’s fire


Our vision is to be the place where the wounded receive more than an emotional bandage; to be a community where people come to be heard, to obtain compassionate support, and find help as they seek healing.

Our vision includes the ability to provide funding for respite care to cancer caregivers and revenue to support the ministry of The Crucibles.

Comforting Hands


Why Devotional Thoughts? To share my meditation and learning from a particular text that day and give readers something to contemplate.  I share them in the hope that those reading will do a study of their own to add to their understanding of the verse. 


   Sometimes we get ourselves into things ~

   and need a little help to get out.


rayer Changes Things    


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