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Trapped or free?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3)

Home-bound, Earthbound or Heaven bound? For a moment I looked at the words. They ended the same way. But I, and perhaps others, saw them differently. I always thought of them as directional--up or down.

Today it hit me—the last half of each word or pair of words is "BOUND". And "bound" by itself has never been a directional word—not for me. Eastbound, westbound, northbound, southbound, bed-bound, and home-bound, are all compounds. The first four words mean going somewhere. But BOUND in the last two meant TIED TO. Shackled. Fastened. Confined. Bed-bound and home-bound gave a sense of unpleasantness. A sense of boundary—restriction.

Am I earthbound or Heaven bound. Am I shackled to earth or heading toward heaven? Am I moving closer to earth or closer to Heaven? Where is my heart attached? God says my heart is attached to where my treasure is, and we sing about fixing our hearts on things eternal.

I paused. I am focused on Heaven and on things above—but are the people I associate with focused the same direction? Are we heading the same way? Does it really matter if we aren’t?

Whether I realize it or not, want to accept it or not, it matters. By beholding we become changed. God says so in 2 Corinthians 3:18! I behold those with whom I associate--how they act, how they dress, etc. My best plans and intentions can be overridden by those going in a different direction.

In the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021, I doubt everyone planned to rush into the building. Some may have just been in the crowd to see what happened. They may have just gotten swept up. Perhaps they were shocked to see officers beaten. They hadn’t planned to kill anyone! Some said as much. Their associations landed them in hot water.

As I mull over my own associations, how am I being affected? They may give me a sense of positive impact by helping in a time of need, but how about long term? I realize I 'cleaned' my friend list some time ago, but my closest relationship is troubling. There is a troubling inconsistency that I do not like and do not want. I need God to break that bond or fix it. I need and want to be 100% HEAVEN BOUND and enjoying Heaven-attached relationships. Only then am I certain that the earthly connections will not tie me here. I am going HOME!

PRAYER: Lord, help me choose my life companions carefully and prayerfully.

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