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What am I worth?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Matthew 6:21)

Being a job supervisor is challenging! Without ever planning it, that position can be enslaving –for anyone. Especially for the first-time supervisor. It seems the place can’t run without “you”.

At least that’s what happened to me.

When I was on vacation—the phone rang. If I was sick, the phone rang. "Ms. Alethea, how do we…?" "We can’t find…." I worked 12-18 hour days to keep things going and downtime was only on the weekend. And, Fridays in the fall and winter I left around 4 pm. I was thankful for sunset! Yes, I needed the money from overtime hours, but once salaried, there was no extra benefit to longer hours.

I was valuable to my company. They said they couldn't do it without me. But, it was not satisfying. I had no time to think or do anything else. I lost contact with my children, trying to provide for them. We stopped functioning as a family. “I have to go to work!” My “treasure” became the job without me realizing it. My focus was on keeping the job so I could provide for them/us when God is the Provider of even the job! It wasn’t worth the losses we suffered and still suffer because of misplaced loyalty.

Others had determined my value and my focus.

In my personal life, I did the same thing. Others evaluated my writing, music, crochet, gardening, and childcare. Subtly, they encroached upon my worth and how good I could feel about myself. They determined my worth. They evaluated ME! Slowly, my self-worth became dependent upon what another human concluded. I forgot my Father sees me differently. His evaluation is from the inside out—not outside in.

The Spirit gave me the gifts my Father wanted me to have, so I could glorify Him. He looks at the way I use these gifts but does not place my VALUE to HIM there. My Father saw my worth—determined it from eternity past and purchased me in my raw state. He paid with His life!

I have value because I am His prized and cherished possession. That changes everything!

I am His. When I see through His love, His choice, I know I am of inestimable value to my Creator. I must give account to Him alone. How do I care for His property? Protect His property?

I was bought with a price so I must glorify Him. His opinion is what I must seek primarily and let Him be in control of the opinions of others.

PRAYER: Lord, help me remember the price you paid for me, and the only value I need to consider is Yours.

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